Very occasionally a sad event occurs when most bottles in my collection have dwindled to a few drams. This seems to occur every 3-4 months or so and at that point I try and build the collection back with a few different single malts. This has happened again, and the first new purchase is a newly available whisky here in NH – the Double Cask matured Aberlour 12y.o.

This is basically the regular 10 year old, with a portion of the maturation in sherry casks bringing the total aging to 12 years. First impressions are very good, although I think I do prefer the 10 year old.

Coloring is a dark caramel color, a much deeper reddishness than the basic Aberlour. The aroma is fairly simple, with a sweetness and fruitiness that strongly resembles a dark Sherry or even a good Port.

The first sip is confident and spicy. I mostly agree with the bottle notes, indicating hints of chocolate, spices (the heat of cinnamon?) above the warm sherried flavour.

As this whisky finishes, a slight dry smokiness comes out as the flavour tails off to a subtle warmth.

Overall I like this whisky, and it fits nicely into the Aberlour range. I would rate this at 7.5/10 as a great whisky for the price.