This was our Friday Dram members intro bottle to the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, and is a 15 y.o. Altmore bottled in May 2008.


Light gold, very bright. Reminds me of a clear tea.


The first smell is very unusual, slightly medicinal and quite floral. It deepens out and becomes almost syrupy. Adding water softens the nose, and reduces the sweetness while bring out more of the floral notes. After tasting and getting familiar, the aroma becomes slightly dull.


The first hit on the palette is very spicy which builds up into slight lemony caramel notes and finishes very slowly with a syrupy taste and an oily feel building back up to a peppery spice. Subsequent sips add a menthol minty flavour.


Great long finish, that continues and warms for many minutes even when tasted with water. I really like this, but it is also mostly typical of a highland too. I would be happy to drink this any time, but I think I’ll rate it a 7.5