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From WhiskyGrotto comes news of the Single Malt Whisky Database.

The funny thing is I have toyed around with an idea similar to this with a friend for a while now, and am glad to see that the idea has been brought to fruition so elegantly. The idea is that you create a tasting profile for each whisky in your collection, and can use this to both compare against others profiles and also hopefully to locate a whisky with a similar profile to something you like already.

I will be going through my collection and adding profiles over the next week or so (doing so all in one go might be a bit much for the palate).
It would also be great if there was a way of linking to a profile from the database on this blog so I could share my tasting notes in a more objective manner.


I have been a subscriber to singlemalt.tv since October last year, and I have been continuously impressed by the quality of programming and information available.

Yesterday I received an annoucement saying that programming is now FREE and will instead be supported by an advertising model in conjunction with Pay Per View content.

As an existing subscriber I at least receive PPV credits, and I am actually happy that all this content is more widely available as it is an outstanding resource.

A colleague and friend of mine (a talented software guy and big fan of all things Scottish) created a screen saver that programmatically iterates through an infinite array of feasible tartans.

Note that by feasible, I mean that the thread patterns and colour ratios follow the rules that tartan designs follow. That does not necessarilly mean that the tartan displayed at any given time actually exists, but it is a lot of fun none-the-less.

I’ve already given him a bunch of features ideas that might make it in there over time, and if you want to pass any ideas on please add them to the comments and I’ll make sure he gets them

Check it out at http://www.strangedynamics.com/plaiddy/